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Professional services


Researching ideas: Assessing novels, biographies, plays, podcasts, research papers & other story sources with potential for screen adaption (fiction & non-fiction).   


Developing pitches:  Synthesizing complex stories into compelling short documents (loglines, synopsise, outlines, treatments) for pitching to distributors, streamers, broadcasters, screen agencies & other financiers.

Designing visuals:   Capturing the mood, tone & style of filmic ideas with arresting audio-visuals (video, stills, montage, sound design) and film references that reinforce and add impact to the well crafted words.

Creative Producing: Networking & partnering with distributors, financiers, producers, writers, directors and HODs to form teams that, collectively, can elevate the creative ambition and commercial appeal of a screen project.


Location Management:  Finding great locations, negotiating and securing access for filming, drawing on our rich network of regional contacts. 

Production Management:  Hiring staff as needed to organise and manage project budgets, prepare shooting schedules, permits and employment contracts, ensure production schedules (pre, shoot & post) are met and that project shoots are COVID-19 compliant. 

Marketing & Festival Strategy:  Working with writers, directors and producers to understand the creative and commercial appeal of their projects early in the process, then executing the best marketing and festival strategies to find that perfect home every finished film deserves. 


For more details, contact producer Brendan Guerin on mobile number 61 418 122 778 or click here for email enquires & quotes.

“My advice with dealing with writer’s block: follow the fun. If you aren’t having fun, you are doing it wrong.” 

– Jordon Peele

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