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Docos & elevated genre 

The  Guerin Group was established in 2001 offering commercial writing, marketing and video production services to metro and rural Australia under the banner LINKING THE BUSH WITH THE BIG SMOKE.

For founder Brendan Guerin - whose career spans farming, science writing, rural marketing and conservation & land management - it was the end of the Collins Street commute and the beginning of a more rewarding life as an independent producer. With self-employment came the opportunity to hone the creative and technical skills needed to produce social media content, commercials, documentaries, dramas and elevated genre films. 

Collaborating with key creatives of diverse backgrounds, the group have produced 70 plus screen projects with a passion for stories that entertain, challenge and inspire us to believe in a fairer, wiser world. 

Guerin Group Films Pty Ltd  is an independent screen production company operating in Victoria and South Australia. It was launched in 2014 after winning Screen Australia funding for THE DISAPPEARANCE OF WILLIE BINGHAM, a psychological horror that screened at 63 festivals, won 20 awards and got 2.5 million views on Omeleto. The film has been licensed to numerous online distributors, streamers & anthology feature producers globally.

The company produces documentaries and branded video content while collaborating with other screen creatives to develop a slate of hi-end drama and elevated genre films - namely thrillers and psychological thrillers - for a global audience. Like-minded people seeking opportunities to collaborate can contact us here.​

“Academia is the death of cinema. It is the very opposite of passion. Film is not the art of scholars, but of illiterates.”

– Werner Herzog

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